there is a world in there

 wandering around the city
subway stations
wandering around the city indoors with a Minolta XG-1 I do not own anymore (and already miss).

curtain lights

 self portrait
I was trying out the self-timer on my Pentax MX and shot some self portraits while I was home alone.
playing with light by the window on a silent afternoon with my sister.

roses that surround her

 kta surrounded by roses (hibiscus rosa-sinensis)
walking around in san fernando

blowing in the wind

plants and my friend's hair blowing in the wind. there is something about its sound that has always amazed me.

바람에 휘날리는 풀과 친구의 머리카락. 바람의 소리에 난 언제나 감탄했다.

san fernando

spending an afternoon out under the sun with my good old friend Kta, testing out my relatively new Asahi Pentax MX (I did shoot a couple of films with it that I'll never get to see.. long story. so these are some photos from the very first film I shoot with my Pentax that I did get developed).
it was nice (really nice... if not perfect) to be able to get out of town for at least an hour. living in the city can be overwhelming (maybe it is just me, maybe it has to do with me growing up in such a small town, so far away from big cities like Buenos Aires). I'm looking forward getting away from it again.

pasar una tarde bajo el sol en san fernando, con mi amiga Kta, probando mi relavitamente nueva Asahi Pentax MX (tuve unos convenientes con el par de rollos que saqué por primera vez con esta cámara. estas fotos son del tercer rollo, que pude revelar).
fue realmente lindo (diría perfecto) haber podido alejarme de la ciudad por una hora por lo menos. vivir en la ciudad puede resultar abrumador (o quizás sea sólo yo, quizá tenga que ver con que me haya criado en un pequeño pueblo, tan lejos de una ciudad tan grande como Buenos Aires). ansío poder salir de la ciudad nuevamente.


even though you are only leaving for a few days, I wish I had taken more photos of you with my film camera.. so that having those films developed would feel like seeing you once again. I miss you already.